Now That’s a Handy Gadget!: Prepara Olive Oil Sprayer

As a rule I hate kitchen gadgets.  I cook, so I get a lot of them as gifts.  I have a can opener that creeps around the top of a can more or less on its own.  It’s a novelty.  I get it out at parties.  (actually, come to think of it I use this when I have a lot of cans to open.  It gets them all open while the onions are sauteing.) I have a few other odds and ends.  I basically try a thing once.  If it doesn’t work … gone.  Stuff I don’t use doesn’t get to take up room in my kitchen.  My wife bought this at our local Sur Le Table.

Prepara' Olive Oil Sprayer. A very useful gadget.

I was sure it’d get one try and be gone.  (I just make things disappear in the night! Kind of like the creepy bad toys in Toy Story…I digress).  This thing works great.  It puts a nice even coating of olive oil on something – like the chicken I’m roasting tonight – and that saves me time and energy doing it with my hands.  (I also probably use less oil).   I’ve had these before and they always break.  This one seems sturdier.

With it's cap off ... Sitting next to stuff so you can see how big (small) it is.

The other thing I like about this one is that it doesn’t hold too much oil.  Olive oil – especially good EV oils, will go rancid very fast.  So make sure you clean this out when it’s running out, but keep it on the counter and enjoy it…  Cool little thing!