About Jim

Let’s get this straight right off the bat.  I’m not a chick magnet.  Far from it.  I am, by some stretch of good luck a 50 year old father of two great boys who would each kill me if I told you that they are absolutely chick magnets.  So I’m not going to say that.

I always tell people I’m just Jim.  I’m not Mr. Collins.  I think this is a way of trying to stave off getting older.  As though avoiding the prefix will chase away the pains.  It’s also, frankly, how I think of me.  I barely graduated from high school and got kicked out of college on my first try.  (as a music major studying opera at UNLV).  I failed photography in high school (and then, again, in college) but won awards for my pictures. I’ve been lucky enough in work to forge a career first in sales and marketing and lately running companies filled with great people, all smarter than me.

Emeril Lagasse inspired me to cook.  It’s a true story.  One night I came home from work tired and frustrated after a long day and switched on the TV to decompress.  The Food Network was on and “Emeril Live” had just started.  I don’t remember what he made that day but I remember that he made cooking look like a lot of fun.  Less than two weeks later I had a dinner party 8 of my closest friends (well – that would probably be ALL of my friends actually) and I did all of the cooking, right through to a chocolate ganache covered layer cake with big chunks of chocolate sticking from the top…  The food was good.  (Thanks Emeril for a bunch of great recipes!)  My friends had fun.  I was hooked.

I still celebrate the great food network chefs who taught me so much.  Emeril, Tyler Florence, Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, Alton Brown, Rachel Ray, Michael Chiarello and so many others.  Mainly these days I cook without recipes and use techniques and methods I’ve learned from these folks and from a bunch of great cookbooks.  I must confess that while I can bake, I don’t particularly like to bake, and so when someone says, ‘can I bring anything?’ I often take them up on the offer and have them bring desert.

5 thoughts on “About Jim

  1. So cool Jim! I did not know this about you. I am excited to try your recipes. The Cakebread cellars pizza crust recipe is my absolute favorite pizza crust and the only one I can ever really get to work. Fun blog!

    • Very fun Keri. We had an amazing day there with Jack and Delores Cakebread and we made that Pizza crust (and their pizzas) in the kitchen at Cakebread – along with many other dishes. Brian Streeter, their executive chef, was our instructor and many of the techniques and recipes we learned there are now constants for us in our own homes. If you haven’t tried the braised pork ribs with sweet peppers that’s in that same book it is to die for …

  2. Of course you had to post your food blog on the Pic Forum when I am starving and it is way past lunch time!!!! Glad your blog is not scratch n’ sniff because it all looks yummy! Can’t wait to read more!

  3. How fun is this?! 😀 I love it…and I will be following and using your recipes…thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration! I still remember a dinner at your house more years ago than I want to count…you cooked for the sales team, and Ang was the gracious hostess. It was winter (well, as winter as it gets in LA), and your boys were little…I don’t remember what you made (split pea soup?), but I do remember that it was good, and more importantly, the two of you made us all feel welcome, and it was a great evening! oxo

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