What I Love Most about the Restaurant Business

People who hear I have a restaurant usually have one or two reactions… They either say, “Wow, that’s so much work,” or they get all dreamy eyed and they say, “Oh, that is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

To the first reaction I merely comment that every company I’ve ever been involved in was a lot of work and while the restaurant business may have different hours and pressures, it is not more difficult – or less so – than any other business. Done right, any small business requires long hours and passion.

My passion is in serving my customers. I love seeing them come in and enjoy the company of a friend or family member, hear a laugh and see a smile. I love knowing when we’ve served them well. Here at Town, I love meeting them. Each story is unique in its own way, each person different. It’s fun to be getting to know them and more fun to see them enjoying being known.

I love it when they’re leaving and they say they’ll be back and I know they will. That makes it all worthwhile.

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