Updating this post with the new date … Take note you all .. Y’all?

March 25th (I moved this out from March 19th at the knowledgeable request from Chef Corey).

March 25th will be a big day for us at Town Kitchen and Grill. We’re going to be opening for lunch.  Fun, huh?  And yes, as in the evenings, we’ll be open 7 days a week… And for those who would ask, yes, seven days actually includes Mondays.

(I’m not sure why, but I’ll confide that I get asked all the time if we’re open 7 days. I say, ‘yes.’ Then people ask if we’re open Mondays. Perhaps there is a day of the week I don’t know about? If so, please enlighten me. I’d hate to think I’ve been missing out on an all important 8th day all these years!)

The menu will be quite different than the dinner menu. About half the menu will feature the protein rich choices health conscious people favor. Whether you are on a paleo, four hour body, or any number of other low or no carb diets, you’ll find dishes that work for you.

The other half will be for the fun folks. 🙂 We’re working on some decidedly unhealthy options for when people want to relax. These include a sandwich called a “next day pot roast panini” – which is a grilled sandwich, and a sandwich made of Salmon Cakes on a brioche roll… (Uhm – YUM!)

We’ll also have a few of the pastas and pizzas and some fun share options for those who have actual friends or at least co-workers. While it may be possible to share with one’s self, I’d recommend against it. (just for the record)

We get that it’s lunch. So, if you’re up for it, we’re up for it and we’ll get you in and out in 45 minutes or so. We won’t rush you, but we’ll be ready in case you’re on a tight schedule. Just let your server know and be ready to order as soon as you can.  (No fair waiting 40 minutes to order and then wanting to be out in five!)

One of these days, in the next day or so, the website will also go online and you’ll be able to start reading these updates at I’m looking forward to that and to having more people find our number to make reservations. (818) 248 1881… Or use the online link through the site. (Just as a hint, if you get a blank white page when you try to bring it up, it’s not up yet… but it is coming … really. I promise).

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