“I Can’t Cook” And other dumb things guys say…

I once worked with a woman who grew up very very poor and ended up making a lot of money, supporting her family, and working in a business where she had a lot of authority. She was, in a word, formidable. She actually scared me and that’s not easy.

One day we were in court (the business had a lot of business in the courts) and the attorneys for the various parties didn’t show up. The judge was about to proceed on to other matters when she stood up and asked the judge if we couldn’t proceed with our matter. He looked a little amused – said, ‘without your attorney?’ and she said, ‘sure, why not, he’s pretty useless anyway.’

The matter was decided in our favor without argument from the duly notified, but absent, other side. She knew exactly what to say and how and the judge let her proceed without interruption.

On the way back to the office I asked her how she knew what to do.. She said, and I quote, “There’s nothing no one knows they didn’t learn from someone.”

I’ve always loved that.

There was a guy in the restaurant last night who’d read this blog, and who said he thought it would be fun to cook, but that he just couldn’t do it. I actually hear this a lot. Let’s be clear, okay fellas? It’s not that you can’t cook, it’s that you choose not to. You either choose not to try, or you choose not to pay attention when you’re actually cooking. After all, in the words of the inimitable Gloria, “there’s nothing no one knows they didn’t learn from someone.” So you can learn.

People ask me how I got started. It’s pretty simple. I was watching Emeril Lagasse one night on Food Network, an episode of Emeril Live, and it looked like fun. He made something that looked good. I went and found the recipes online, bought the ingredients, came home the next night and cooked. Back then I used and followed recipes and I still do sometimes, but not all the time.

Gloria was right, paraphrased she was basically saying anyone can learn to do pretty much anything. We don’t all have to be chefs. It’s really okay to just perfect one or two dishes. But don’t you think that every once in a while it would be really nice for your special someone to come home to a dinner cooked by you? Stop making excuses and try it.

Who knows, you might end up owning a restaurant.

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