What Makes a Success…

What Makes a Success …

“You must be so pleased with the success of Town.” I hear this all the time, and, if I am to be completely honest, (and why stop now), we are pleased with the reaction of the community to this project of our hearts, souls and sweat. (and no small amount of money!) 

But if I am also to be honest, I would say that I am uncomfortable with the word, success. See, I think you earn that over time. Something that has been around for 3 weeks – and yes, that’s as long as we’ve been here, isn’t really a “success” yet. It’s just a baby. A beginner. It shows promise, but it has a long way to go.

I would say it differently. I’d say, ‘we’ve had a good start.’ I’m really pleased with my staff. Alen has been amazing – the ever present – pseudo ambassador of Montrose and spreader of goodwill, with a sincere heart for all who come to Town. (And, frankly, knowing him as I do, all who just walk by on the street). Corey, Chef, has been patient with all of us, teaching us from his 15+ years of restaurant experience and sometimes laughing at (or quietly cursing about!) our mistakes. Paul. The CV, St Francis, local whose good natured response to problems belies deep experience and a helpfulness in problem solving that simply never stops.  All of these people, and I will write more about each of them and many others, have been instrumental in helping us get the restaurant out of the starting gates.

Many years from now, if we have become a fixture of the community as so many who have come before us have, then I would begin to consider the word, ‘success,’ and wonder if it applies to us. We have profound respect for the career restauranteurs who’ve built the long lasting establishments in our area and frankly, also, for the reckless dreamers like us who’ve made the leap to try and start something new with the hopes and dreams of clinking glasses and laughter and stories and occasional shouts from the kitchen and a community to grow and change with, and love, along the way.


One thought on “What Makes a Success…

  1. Jim I really enjoy reading your blog and take great pride in the success of Town. Hard work, honesty and true leadership skills are admired by all who recognize it. I wish nothing but Great Success from here on forward…

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