What It’s Really Like to be the Owner of a New Restaurant.

Honestly? Half petrifying, half exhilarating, half bewildering and half incredibly rewarding. And yes, this is a commentary on my math skills.

We’re doing great at Town Kitchen and Grill, coming up on another weekend of, I’m sure, busyness and triumphs and mistakes and lessons. The best part is the continual outpouring of happiness from our guests. Each smile, thank you, handshake or hug is reassurance and new energy. As a team, from the servers to the dishwashers and bussers, to the cooks, greeters and seaters and partners and owners and chef and me, we are constantly humbled and buoyed by the support of the community we serve.

With that said, there are some interesting lessons along the way.

  1. In spite of being surrounded by food, it is impossible not to lose weight. This is a good thing. Call it the, oh sh$$ I own a restaurant diet. It’s massively expensive, but it works.
  2. Murphy’s Law is spelled with all capital letters in a restaurant but with one change. IF ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG, IT ALREADY DID. I’ve become convinced that Murphy – who wrote the law – owned a pub someplace. People called him “Murph.” He was a distant descendent of Nostradamus.
  3. Anything that can leak, will.
  4. You’re only out of the thing you need in everything. So don’t worry. No big deal.
  5. The water temperature in sinks in the bathroom is too hot. (detail #1,762 to worry about on a nightly basis).
  6. Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens without the damned computer.
  7. The time between 6:30 and 9:00 lasts about 2.1 minutes.
  8. When you’re waiting on food for a table that has been waiting too long, the time between 6:35 and 6:36 takes 2.5 hours.
  9. Bad things only happen to the tables full of people you really like. (I will add a necessary note to say that we like everybody. Really. We do. I promise. 🙂
  10. Just when you think you have it figured out something pops up to remind you this really is your first restaurant, and you really still have volumes to learn.

I’m glad I’d lost my hair before we started.

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