Lessons Learned and Learning. Perfect is hard. (Go Figure)

A little over a week…

What can I say? First, as a team, all of us at Town are floored by the support we’ve gotten from our Montrose community. The Sparr Heights Buy Local Facebook group, the Montrose Shopping Park Association, the Montrose Chamber of Commerce and so many smaller, neighborhood organizations have spread the word about Town and people are showing up in droves.  

It’s humbling and amazing to also be getting help and support from local businesses. Joe and Dave at Basin 141 across the street have been incredibly helpful. Angel, Ruby and the gang from Pepe’s has been feeding us and helping us through the early bumps. The perpetually cheerful team at Starbucks, Montrose supports us with all the sugared caffeine and smiles we can handle and the myriad people who’ve come in and smiled and said hi reinforces our decision to do this, here, near our own homes on a daily basis.

We are more than grateful for the support and grace of the community in helping us get off to a strong start.

And we’ve needed some grace.

The biggest challenge we’ve had, and it is a big one, is that in some situations, particularly when we are very busy, food is coming out too slow. For what it’s worth, we agree. 

To be honest, we didn’t expect to be serving this volume of people this quickly. It’s not really an excuse, I don’t believe in excuses, but it is an explanation. Our plan, and we have not been aggressively marketing on purpose, was to start slow. Little did we know that within days of opening we would have the four busiest nights in the history of the restaurant. Exhilarating, but we missed our goals on all of our levels of service.

To address this we are fortifying our kitchen staff with additional, experienced talent and we are also taking a long look at the various dishes and prep times to see where we can refine.

Our servers are coming up to speed and I am proud of all of them. They’ve had to deal with inexperienced owners and a brand new kitchen and they’ve handled that with grace. We’re refining and teaching and they’re learning along the way.

I promise that the phone number (published) and the web site are coming soon. Honestly, my priority has never been marketing the restaurant. I knew, and still know, that if we get food and service right then the marketing we need will come from the happy customers we serve. that’s our priority. With that said, the website should be online later this week. The phone number for reservations is on the front door and it is here – 818 248 1881. (A gift for having read this this far).

For all of those who we did not serve well, please accept my sincere apologies and know that we are listening and working hard to improve.  For all who’ve been thrilled enough to come back and tell friends and share your thanks with us, just know how grateful we are for your support, and how much we will seek to earn it over and over and over again.

With all of this said, know that these last days and evenings have been among the best of my life. To be surrounded by a hard-working, experienced and motivated team and to have the opportunity to talk directly with our guests about the great, the good and the not-so-great is enormously fun for me and I wouldn’t trade this for anything. (and will continue to get better myself!)




3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned and Learning. Perfect is hard. (Go Figure)

  1. Don’t kick yourself too hard, Jim! It takes a while to get all the kinks worked out; and a pleasant and positive attitude by owners and staff goes a long way to keep feathers from ruffling. We have had two great experiences and know that will continue.Keep smiling!

    • Not kicking myself Kathy … not at all. Just saying that I get that we’re not perfect and that I appreciate the support and feedback we’ve been getting, whether good or bad. That’s how we learn!

  2. I’ve been to Town twice now, once on the Saturday after you opened (sat at the bar with a friend, heh I was the guy who broke a wine glass), and again last night with my wife. Both times we had EXCELLENT service, the food was delightful, the service was impeccable, and I don’t ever remembering having to wait long at all for any of our entrees to be served. I hope you do well in our community, but I have no doubts that you’ll succeed and prosper here in Montrose. – Chuck

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