Four Days of Town

Four Days …

When I think about it, it’s hard to believe that town has only been open for four days.  To be sure, they’ve been pretty long days. People who say starting a restaurant is hard work aren’t kidding. I’ve been here, pretty much since January first, from just past 6 in the morning, to very late in the evening, many nights, actually very early the next morning.

We planned on a soft opening. ‘We’ll take it slow,’ we thought, ‘just take the paper off the windows and open the doors for dinner and let anyone who wants to walk in, in.’

We didn’t publicize our opening. Not on Facebook or anywhere else. We didn’t take any reservations. 

So it would be easy and quiet and we could handle it with the entire staff here…


So much for nice and slow and easy and quiet.

We were packed Friday night and had a waiting list for a while on Saturday night. To make matters even more exciting, we were down one of our primary cooks who was home sick, so yours truly had to jump into the kitchen and help out. (Dreams really do come true!) Fortunately, Chef Corey and the folks in there were patient with the newbie and by the end of the evening I felt like I’d actually made a contribution, however minor.

We were slow in getting food out on the first night and I had to laugh at us as the evening ground ahead. To be sure, 45 minutes is WAY TOO LONG to get a table their dinner, but I in the midst of the stress I smiled in realizing it was our FIRST NIGHT and we had a TON of people here and the servers said they liked the food and I could hear the clinks of toasting glasses amidst the din of the kitchen.

Afterwards I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, but it was a good truck. The staff hung out and I made pizzas and we took a few minutes to breathe it all in.

It’s been four days. Last night, a Monday night, we were’t full but we were busy. Friends and passers-by have walked in and sat and hopefully felt warm and welcome. We’ve worked out most of the computer glitches and we’re running more smoothly but we’re still learning and I hope we are always learning.

I’m humbled by the support of so many friends and neighbors and grateful for the busyness of these days…

3 thoughts on “Four Days of Town

  1. Huh- I did not find the staff overwelmed in the slightest, Keith. I also felt the staff lead, Allen, is an amazing example and one who can keep the staff on thier toes and in perspective. The speed of the group is ALWAYS determined by the speed of the leader and I suspect these leaders will inspire greatness and balance.

    • Thanks so much Kendyl.. The interesting thing about all of this so far is that the team has pulled together so quickly. While Angela and I are new to the restaurant business, we are not new to management and from my (admittedly new) perspective, most of the challenges are the same in any business. Staff requires clarity of mission and support and training. Management must understand the best ways to achieve this. I think that with a little serendipity and some hard work and experience, we were able to bring together a group of great folks, and I’m hoping we have the wisdom to step back and let them do the jobs they know how to do…

      Another great night last night…

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