Our Town is Your Town Too…


I love the word and the meaning. Your Town. My Town. Home.

We’re about a week away from opening. Construction is (mostly) done. We’ve started hiring. (Still looking for some great, experienced, servers). We’re on our way.

A bunch of people have asked about our story. Why here? Why now? Why this place? I think it’s a great story.

When the opportunity arose, I simply had to pursue it.

Cucina Rustica, now Town, is a beautiful place. In my mind, it is the jewel of the La Crescenta restaurant community. The kitchen is large and spacious and extremely well appointed. The bar, full liquor license, and dining room, all provide the building blocks of what I believed could be a great restaurant.

The owner had decided it was time for him to leave the restaurant business behind, but he didn’t want to sell his place to just anyone. He had put his heart and soul into building it – and he has a lot of experience with more than 20 restaurants in his history. He built it for himself and for his family. The design, materials and attention to detail show his passion.

Over a four month period, my friend, Albert, and I, talked about the place and the process. I shared my vision with him and I think he saw my passion.  I’ve had success in business, and failure, and I understand hard work. He also knew that I appreciated what he had built here and that I would honor him and his family with the legacy in what would become Town. When he offered to sell me the restaurant, I accepted.

Town sits near the corner of Honolulu and OceanView in the Montrose Shopping plaza. It is at the epicenter of the heart of the Crescenta/Canada community. It’s dining room opens to ever-busy sidewalks. Sitting at the bar, catching up on the day’s activities and planning what’s next, I watch 100s of people walk by every morning. I can’t wait to give them their place.

That’s really how we see it. When Angela and I and Richard and Kim and Dave and Kathy and Kate and our other partners get together and think about our place, we can’t help but anticipate the day, not long from now, when we’ve been open for a little while and the kinks are ironed out and on a given weeknight there are people laughing and talking at the bar, or enjoying a local game, and the dining room is full, and the kitchen is loud and busy.

That’ll be a great day and a great beginning to what we hope is a long story where our Town, truly is your Town, too.


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