Town is Hiring!

We’re looking for some great folks to join our team. Town is a high energy environment and we value our staff, understanding that building a great business is a group effort. We’re looking for experienced food service professionals, servers, kitchen staff and bartenders. I’ve tried to describe a little more of what we’re looking for below and if you want to throw your hat in the ring, drop us a line at and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Head Chef

In a restaurant, everything begins and ends with serving great food. We have a lot of specific thoughts about our cuisine and we’re really focused on an enjoyable dining experience built from a series of simply prepared dishes. We want to be welcoming to people with dietary challenges – whether real or imagined – and offer a menu with the breadth to serve these needs, but we are realistic about the capabilities of a new kitchen and we’ll be focused on maintaining a small enough menu to ensure initial success.

We have three qualifications for this position.

  1. We want someone who makes great food.
  2. We want someone who understands the business of a restaurant.
  3. We want someone who can contribute their own ideas to make us better.

If you’re prepared to run a high energy kitchen, nurture a great staff and help us build a great place, and you have at least four years of experience working in a restaurant kitchen, ordering, provisioning, problem solving and creating, we want to hear from you.

Bar Manager

This is an integral and important position at Town and we have very specific ideas about the kind of person we seek. We want those who visit our bar, whether for drinks or for dinner, to have a great experience. We want to offer some fun specialty cocktails, but we want to excel at the standards.

Our Top Three Qualifications for this Position Are:

  1. Three to Four Years Bar Tending, Bar Management experience.
  2. An understanding of the business of a restaurant bar, profitability, vendor management.
  3. A solid understanding of wines, recommendations and pairings.

Along with the appropriate food service certifications, we seek someone who will bring their own ideas to the table, helping us to build a great business.


If you LOVE service we want to talk to you and we know exactly how important you are to the success of our restaurant. At Town, you’ll be part of a team who understands that you’re on the front line.and you need the support of everyone around you and we’re here to help you succeed.

Top Three Qualifications for Servers

  1. A love of food and service and a drive to provide a great experience to our guests.
  2. An understanding of food, diet, allergy and other conditions commonly encountered and an ability to handle them in a way that leaves the guests feeling honored.and well served.
  3. A problem solving nature and the ability to contribute as an integral part of the complicated process of food service.

You should also have, or be able to immediately retain, servsafe certification. Experience in food service is a big plus.

We’re also going to be hiring bus and expeditor staff and greeter/seater staff and I’ll be posting something when these positions are open.

Fun stuff!


One thought on “Town is Hiring!

  1. I would love to throw my hat in the ring as your “official taster” I think I have all of the qualifications needed, but am willing to practice as much as you like to improve as a taster. I will show up to eat…errr taste any time you like. I’m also quite inexpensive, as I would do the job for free. I am available to start immediately, if not sooner. I hope you would consider me for the position.
    Thank you,
    Dan “I will taste you out of house and home” Farwell

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