Perfect Grilled Steelhead (or Salmon) Explained.

There are two foods in particular that I do a really good job on.  (If I do say so myself!)  Chili, which I only make once a year for Halloween, and Grilled Seafood, Salmon in particular.  My method for cooking great fish is pretty simple.

Season the fish heavily with a seafood oriented spice mix. (My favorite is “Trinity” from Penzey’s Spices).

The first step is to season the fish pretty heavily.  It’s going to go on a VERY hot grill and most of this will burn off.

If you know my secret, you can easily turn this and leave great grill marks!

The second step is to lay the fish down on a very clean and very hot grill flesh side down (Skin Up) for about three minutes.  In fancier restaurants they’ll usually cut into the skin several times (at intervals) to insure a crispy skin.  Since we’re going to leave it on the grill I don’t do this here.

Once the fish is turned, leave it until you begin to see the fat bubbling through in the thicker parts of the fish.

Once the fish is turned, the third step is to cook it until you begin to see the internal fats coming up through the thicker parts of the flesh.  This will yield a perfect, medium rare to medium finish.  Shaving the fish off of the skin on the grill (putting just the flesh on your platter) will save you a step inside and make it really easy to portion the fish.

So what’s the real secret?  Pam.  Simply “Paming” the flesh side of the fish (over your seasoning) AND the grill will make it very easy to flip the fish with those nice grill marks.  You don’t need too much on the fish and it will ALL burn off if your grill is hot enough.  Simple Pimple.

The last step is to serve the fish immediately.  While I don’t mind Salmon at various temperatures, when it’s dinner I like it hot.





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