Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation

My good friend Joe Buissink uses this phrase frequently.  I love it and I think it applies to so much.  I recently read an article about Food Network personality Paula Deen.  You can read it here if you’re interested. The article talks about the fact that Deen, now a public figure, is being attacked from many sides because of her relatively outrageous take on southern cooking.

These things make me wonder sometimes.  Why do we all have to live in a world of such extremes?  Is Paula Deen the reason people are overweight or is their lack of self-control really the issue?  The article points out that Deen and her brother are being sued by an ex employee who has accused them of all manner of bad things.  I’d point out that these days you can sue almost anyone for almost anything.  Being sued for something hardly qualifies as a testimony against or for one’s character.  (Often it says little other than that one is wealthy enough to be sued).

I have to admit that I am sometimes a fan of Paula Deen and that there are times when I’m not.  I’m also a fan of fried foods sometimes and sometimes not.  Ms. Deen’s story is compelling and one has to respect someone with such a direct and self-determined rags to riches experience.  Every once in a while I wonder if the Southern twang isn’t a little over-cooked and I change the channel, but most of the time I watch and drool and wish I could eat that way and share that exuberance.  Someday I’d love to meet her.  I have friends who did this year at the Rose Parade and who said she was marvelously gracious and outgoing with everyone she met.  That says a lot.

I use butter in my recipes.  There is no margarine in my kitchen.  If a recipe calls for eggs I use the whole thing, yoke and all.  When I cook with pastas I use the real deal, gluten rich pastas simply perform better than their ‘healthier’ counterparts.  To be sure, if I have a guest that has special dietary restrictions I go out of my way to make sure they are happy.  If I cook one way one night you can be sure the next will be different.  Steak will be followed with fish, pasta with protein, a night of heavy deserts followed with a week of no sugar at all.  Everything in moderation, including moderation.

I’m not fat and I’m not thin.  My doctor told me I’m “at the high end” of what would be considered healthy weight for my age and height.  She also said the biggest determiner of my long term health wasn’t what I ate, but how much I exercise.  I think she’s right.  If I want to make Paula’s Crispy Cream Donut Bread Pudding (If that’s actually one of her recipes), then I’m going to make it, and then just ride the bike that much farther the next day.

I guess I just never saw that much point in blaming someone else for the problems I bring on myself…


2 thoughts on “Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation

  1. Love the post!!! Simply, love it. Right on the money Jim. Everything in moderation including moderation (sometimes ya just gotta eat a Big Mac 🙂

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