Favorite Ingredient: Sea Salt

I honestly can’t say that using sea salt will make your food taste better.  I just don’t know it this is true.  I don’t think that I could actually taste the difference between good old Morton’s table salt and very high priced French Fleur de Sel.  With that said this remains one of my favorite ingredients.

I keep my salt in a large ceramic box right next to the cook top.  This makes grabbing a pinch very convenient. The reason I love to use sea salt is because the grind is larger than table salt but smaller than kosher salt.  That makes it easier to judge the amount of salt you’ve caught up in a pinch.

This salt cellar may still be available through Sur Le Table. It is larger than it looks at about 5"X2.5",

These boxes can be expensive.  Watch the sale racks at Sur Le Table, Williams Sonoma or your favorite kitchen store.  Make sure you get one with a lid.  You don’t want to spray 409 in your salt by accident.  That’s about the only thing the salt can’t kill.  Almost all of my recipes call for a pinch of salt or more and any time you’re cooking being able to season as you go will make your food taste better.

As much as I love Sea Salt I really don’t like compound salts very much.  I have celery salt that I use for Bloody Marys and I have a grinder with a garlic salt that I like to use for a little last minute seasoning, but I rarely use these for anything else.  The reason is because it makes it too easy to over salt your dishes.  There’s nothing worse than ruining an otherwise great dish with too much salt.  (which can actually be cut with vinegar or other acidity).


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