Clean While You Cook!

I have one friend that I cook with all the time.  His name is Richard.  Richard and I are compatible in the kitchen because our mom’s taught us the same thing.  We are each compulsive cleaners.  That makes both cooking and cleaning easy and making cleaning easy is a big driver of whether you will love to cook.

As I go through the process of cooking I clean the kitchen with the conclusion of each step.  That doesn’t mean that I always wash all of the dishes.  Remember – I have two dishwashers.  It does mean though that there are never piles of dirty things laying about and frankly, I do wash a lot of dishes.

The Chili is still cooking, but the cleanup is done. The Cilantro will be used right before serving so the board and knife are at the ready.

Wash out your frying pans while they’re not – but not too hot.  Stuff can’t stick when the pan is hot.

Wash off your knives and put them away.  Never put them in the sink.  It’s too easy to reach in there later and grab a handful of VERY sharp blade.

Use a separate cutting board for raw poultry.  I have a red plastic cutting board that I only use for raw chicken.  I cut the chicken on it, rinse it off and put it in the dishwasher.  Then wash the knife and clean off the counter top.  Sound like overkill?  Ever have food poisoning?

Soak large pots before washing.  They’ll clean out easier.

Don’t be afraid of Pam on baking sheets and in baking dishes.  Never use Pam on nonstick.  (It turns in to a semi permeable and completely unremovable sticky substance).

Have a large supply of cheese cloth drying towels.

Replace your kitchen sponge at least once a month.


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